Slovenia invaded! Prime minister warns EU is near death

Not just the European Union, but, I believe, Europe itself!

Advancing hordes of Muslim invaders march through farm fields in Slovenia.

The Invasion of Europe continues…….
And, no wonder we have had hundreds of new readers from Slovenia visiting these pages in the last week.  I only wish there was something we could do to help them.
Slovenia map closeup
From Breitbart London:

The tiny nation of Slovenia has received 60,000 Middle Eastern and North African migrants in the past week. Thousands remain stranded near the Austrian border, as the prime minister warned the crisis could be “the end of the [European Union] EU.”

Dramatic drone footage filmed near the Croatia-Austria border shows thousands of migrants and refugees crossing through farmland on foot.

The migrants have been diverted through Slovenia since Hungary closed its border at the beginning of September. Viktor Orbán’s government built a razor wire fence and made illegal crossings a criminal offence.

For opening the gates to the Hijra, I predict that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will go down in history as one of the greatest traitors of Christian Europe the world will have ever seen.  But then again, to the Islamists (who will be writing the history books) she will be the hero for Allah.
For all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts go here (they extend back several years and I mention that because there was time to stop the invasion early if European leaders in Germany, Italy, France and the UK had any guts, they didn’t).

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