So what’s up with Turkey and why is David Miliband kissing up to the Turks?

The word over the last few days, apparently still unconfirmed, is that Turkey has closed its borders to Syrian refugees.

Miliband, as British foreign secretary, met with Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2009 to discuss Iran.

At the same time we have David Miliband, the new CEO of the International Rescue Committee, one of the largest of the taxpayer-funded resettlement contractors, praising Turkey for its generosity to Syrian refugees.

Don’t tell me they are planning to reward Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a prize as they did Hamid Karzai a few years ago!

Our interest here at RRW is why is Turkey allowing Syrian Muslims to cross its other border into Bulgaria thus swamping that tiny poor European country with thousands they can’t possibly take care of and who are now causing social unrest there?

Then to top it off, Turkey’s Prime Minister (pal of Obama) has asked Obama to go after Erdoğan’s chief opponent who lives where?  In Pennsylvania!

Turkey closing its border to Syria?

Here at Turkish Weekly:.

Yesterday several media organs reported that Turkey had closed its border to Syrians fleeing their country on account of the fact that the number of Syrians in Turkey would jump up to five million in a very short time. This information has not yet been corrected by AFAD or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor has it been denied.

If this is Turkey’s new policy it will have critical long-term ramifications for host communities, including Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, and for Syrian civilians. Turkey is one of the biggest host countries for Syrians, and while the Turkish government estimates that a total of 700,000 Syrian refugees are in Turkey, local and international non-governmental actors who are managing the crisis on the ground have a more realistic estimate: 1.5 million.

Big smooch from Miliband to Turkey.  Does Miliband think he is still Britain’s foreign secretary?  He is the well-paid head of a US resettlement contractor, that’s all (right?).  Speculation abounds that the IRC is really a covert arm of the US government.

From World Bulletin:

Turkey deserves applause in receiving Syrian refugees fleeing the violence in their country and providing assistance for them, stated David Miliband, Britain’s former Foreign Secretary and president of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) during an interview in Washington.

Miliband attended a panel which was held to draw attention to the plight of the Syrian refugees on Thursday and spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent in the aftermath of the panel.

Praising Turkey’s policy on the refugees, Miliband said he was in close cooperation with Turkish officials and attached importance to a very strong partnership with Turkey.

I had to laugh and wondered if the IRC was getting ready to award a prize to Erdoğan like they did Hamid Karzai—to “embrace political Islamism” as David Miliband would say.  The IRC and Miliband recently said they would like the US to take 12,000 Syrians this year.

They can’t get to Bulgaria without having passed through Turkey!


Bulgaria is swamped by Syrians flowing in from Turkey. Why isn’t Turkey stopping them on their side of the border? Is Turkey facilitating the invasion of Europe by Muslims? Why do news accounts never mention the fact that in order to get to Bulgaria they had to cross Turkey? Here is yet one more story about poor Bulgaria, this time at The Seattle Times:

Bulgaria, the poorest nation in the EU, has a refugee crisis. In the second half of last year, hundreds of undocumented Syrians arrived every week, putting a strain on a country ill-prepared for the flood of refugees escaping a civil war.

Bulgaria built a border fence with Turkey which has slowed the flow somewhat.


Don’t miss this story at Creeping Sharia!  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants Obama to go after his enemy and close the schools of the  Fethullah Gülen movement!

Meanwhile, Erdoğan is building a mega-mosque in Maryland.

Can we pull all the threads together—NO!  But, keep an eye on Turkey and the IRC!

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